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Closing price September 17, 2020
The partial sale of TikTok to Oracle, if it goes through, may be the final transaction of real substance in the career Oracle founder Larry Ellison.
Rumors are that the deal primarily allows Oracle to host TikTok on its cloud computing platform. If so, the term "sale" would be out of place.
Here is how the Dow Jones industrial average can still continue to rise and hit the 30,000 mark by year's end.
As of the most recently reported period, short sellers favored Apple and Intel above all other Dow stocks, due to a shakeup in the index and a stock split.
Following a Monday leak, Microsoft has confirmed a new Xbox Series S gaming console that will cost less than half as much as the company's flagship Xbox Series X.
24/7 Wall St. has put together a list of well-known, mostly very large, publicly traded corporations that are a combination of safe harbor stocks and stocks in powerful tech firms.
To say that Zoom has prospered during the COVID-19 pandemic may be an understatement. However, there are plenty of deep-pocketed challengers to the company that took video conferencing to new levels...
The sale of TikTok has been highly contested, and Microsoft may have gained an edge in this fight, or at least one analyst thinks so.
Apple's stock price increase has been based in part on a belief that sales of the new iPhone will surge at year-end. Reasons for improved prospects for Amazon and Microsoft are just as convincing.
Tesla's announced five-for-one stock split, combined with an earlier four-for-one split at Apple, may persuade a few of the other high-flying tech stocks to make a similar move.
China blocking iPhone sales there would be the most visible way to attack the United States for its bans of Huawei and TikTok. Much of Apple's sales comes from what it calls Greater China.
Microsoft has confirmed that it is discussing a possible purchase of TikTok for U.S. users from its Chinese owner. The company has promised the U.S. president that negotiations will be completed by...
Monday's top analyst upgrades and downgrades included AbbVie, DuPont, Etsy, Expedia, Exxon Mobile, Kansas City Southern, Merck, Microsoft, Pinterest, Qualcomm, Visa and Yum! Brands.
The stock market doesn’t seem to care what day of the week that rumors turn into stock moves, but Fridays are often a very ripe time for good old-fashioned buyout rumors. The market lingo has...
As of the most recently reported period, short sellers still favored Exxon, Pfizer and Microsoft above all other Dow stocks.