Netezza Ready For Earnings (NZ)

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Netezza Corporation (NYSE: NZ) is posting earnings Thursday morning and this will be the first earnings report where the company was public for the entire quarter that doesn’t have those IPO charges lumped in with earnings.  Its IPO was in July 2007 and its quarter end is January 2008.

We have First Call estimates at $0.02 EPS on $34.34 million in revenues, and next quarter estimates appear to be $0.00 EPS on $33.3 million in revenues.

The average price target out there still appears to be $18.00, but this stock was hit really hard with the stock market after the market malaise.  Shares closed up some 10% today to $8.95, and the 52-week trading range was $7.02 to $17.57.

The strong CRM earnings numbers, despite high valuations, are to thank for at least some after-hours support.  Stay tuned.

Jon C. Ogg
February 27, 2008