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This Is America's Top Dating App

The Apple App Store has 1.96 million apps available for download. The comparably figure for the Google Play store is 2.87 million. Most of these have tiny download figures. Almost all of the most downloaded apps were designed by famous American companies. This includes apps for ZOOM, Disney+, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Among the most popular app categories are steaming, social media and e-commerce. Netflix is widely downloaded. So are the Amazon and Snapchat apps. Another category that does well is dating.

Apptopia reviewed the most downloaded dating apps for the first half of 2021. The research also looked at July. According to the experts who did the research:

Right now, Apptopia estimates there are more people using dating apps than ever before. While downloads of the top 50 dating apps are relatively flat year-over-year for the month of July, daily active users (DAU) are up.

The most downloaded dating app of the first half was Tinder, with 34 million downloads worldwide. Released in 2012, the app allows people to quickly and anonymously look at other people’s profiles. If in the process, two people choose one another, they can communicate by text. The app added the ability to do background checks, which has been widely criticized because it detects people with criminal records. It is odd to see why that bias is bad. Nevertheless, Tinder was widely attacked because of the feature.

Tinder downloads were followed in a distant second place by Badoo at 17.7 million downloads and Bumble at 10.5 million

Tinder also led the list in terms of revenue in the first half at $260 million, followed by Bumble at $71.8 million.

A look at U.S. figures also shows Tinder in first place, with 7.3 million downloads in the first half and revenue of $104 million. The researchers wrote:

Globally and in the US, Tinder is in a league of its own. When it comes to both downloads and IAP revenue, its metrics are often greater than the next best performing app by 100% or more.

Based on those numbers, it is hard to believe any other app will catch it.

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