Ford (F) Slaughtered, April Sales Down 12%

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If car sales are any indication of the broader economy, it is time to get to the food lines.

In April, retail sales at the company fell 12% to 200,727. The only division which rose was Jaguar, and Ford just sold that off to Tata Motors. Based on number of selling days in the month this year and last, the actual adjusted drop for Ford was over 18%.

Truck sales, were the company makes most of its money, were off 18% to 120,814. The flagship F-150 watched its units drop 21% to 44,813, an acceleration from earlier in the year.

Sales of the firm’s little cars and crossovers moved up some. Sales of the Fusion jumped 22% to 15,059, and moved up 43% to 23,850 for the Focus. The profit margin on those fuel-efficient cars sure isn’t what it is for the F-150.

Whomever said there was a turnaround at Ford better check to see if their brains are missing.

Douglas A. McIntyre