Jaguar Sales Surge 168% in September

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The aged British sports car Jaguar posted a sales increase of 168% in September.

A few of its models were the key to the success:

September marked the fourth full sales month of Jaguar’s two new entry luxury vehicles: the 2017 XE compact luxury sedan, starting at $34,900, and the 2017 F-PACE compact luxury SUV, starting at $40,990. The Jaguar XE hit 829 units sold making it the brand’s volume leader for the month, and the F-PACE hit 809 units sold.  Sales of the all-new, redesigned Jaguar XF hit 415 units, up 56 percent from 266 in 2015.

Jaguar is late to the sport utility vehicle (SUV) market, but off to a good start. The Porsche Cayenne and BMW, Audi and Mercedes SUVs have been in the market for years.

The F-Type is Jaguar’s coupe, with a high-end supercar model with 575 horse power and all-wheel drive. It has a base price of just over $125,000.

Jaguar has followed other niche brands that have enjoyed great success recently. It has a line of cars, from sedans to coupes to an SUV, that have price points as low as U.S. mid-priced cars, all the way to the top of the luxury curve.

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