Jaguar Sales Tripled in April

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The crossover and sport utility vehicle (SUV) segments of the car market have been a salvation for the sales of manufacturers across the industry this year. In Jaguar’s case, the news is even better than that. Its sales tripled in April, due primarily to the surge in demand for its F-Pace SUV.

Jaguar’s sales reached 3,230 units, a 197% increase from 1,087 units in April 2016. The Jaguar F-Pace sold 1,377 units, which made it the brand’s volume leader for the month.

The F-Pace is near, but not at, the high end of the SUV market. With a base price of $42,065, it competes with the Porsche Macan, Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Acura RDX. All have similar base prices. And each can reach a price of $70,000 with larger engines and expensive luxury and safety features.

Jaguar has benefited from reviews and awards for the F-Pace. It is new to the market, and its engineers and marketing teams have fielded a vehicle that is often near the top of its class, generally with the Porsche Macan. The success of each is unusual since they are made by relatively small car companies.

If F-Pace sales continue at rates similar to April, Jaguar will post triple-digit sales increases throughout the year.