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8 Perfect Dave Ramsey Quotes About Credit Cards

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If you’re looking for some solid financial advice, look no further than Dave Ramsey. As a seasoned financial expert with a large platform and nationally syndicated radio program, The Ramsey Show, Ramsey provides expert tips to those looking for financial wisdom.

Specifically, this article will cover Ramsey’s perspective on credit cards, including whether they’re worth using. We’ve already created a list of Dave Ramsey quotes about shopping, but here are seven Dave Ramsey quotes about credit cards.

1. “A high credit score does NOT equal success.” 

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Your credit score is not as important as you think.

Takeaway: Don’t Equate Financial Stability to a High Credit Score

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Many people believe that having a high credit score is the solution to all financial problems.

According to Ramsey, a high credit score doesn’t equal financial success. In fact, many people with high credit scores still struggle to pay off their debts or spend more money than necessary. if you have a credit card, of course, you want to aim for the highest score possible. However, don’t base your financial stability solely on your credit score.

2. “If you want a life without payments, stop chasing a life WITH payments.”

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Commit to paying cash, check, or debit whenever possible.

Takeaway: Use Debit Cards Instead of Credit Cards

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As you can probably tell, Ramsey is not a credit card supporter.

Ramsey believes using your debit card instead of your credit card will actually set you up for more financial success, as there won’t be any debts or payments to make in the interim. A life without payments is better than a life with payments, according to Ramsey.

Of course, this isn’t always practical for everyone. Many rely on credit cards to make payments they can’t currently afford. However, when possible, Ramsey recommends avoiding creating more debt for yourself.

3. “I have a zero credit score, and I’m doing just fine.”

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There are plenty of other indicators of financial success than a credit score.

Takeaway: You Don’t Need a Credit Score to Thrive

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A credit score is not as valuable or necessary as many people make it out to be.

Dave Ramsey believes that credit scores and credit cards are traps that make us reliant on banks and other financial institutions. Many people fear if they don’t have a credit score, they won’t be able to make major purchases and investments, such as buying a home or car. However, Ramsey admitted that he himself has no credit score — and is quite financially stable and successful.

4. “Chasing a high credit score is ridiculous. It makes the banks richer and richer and pushes you further and further away from your goals. It’s time to stop playing the credit score game and take back YOUR money. Pay off debt as fast as you can, and don’t look back.”

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You don’t need a high credit score.

Takeaway: Pay off Your Debts as Soon as Possible

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Prioritize paying off debts.

According to Ramsey, the only thing you should be focusing on in terms of credit cards is paying off your debts as soon as possible. Rather than attempting to build credit or reach a high score by making major purchases and payments, focus on paying off your debts when you can and moving on. This might look like refusing to use your credit card in situations where you don’t need it, meaning you become less reliant on it. 

5. “Credit cards are a short-term option that only set you up to fail later down the road.”

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Over-using credit cards can get you into financial trouble down the line.

Takeaway: Consider Your Future Finances

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Ramsey believes that credit cards are short-term solutions.

Credit cards are convenient when making purchases you might not be able to afford at the moment, but consistent reliance on them can set you up for failure down the road, Ramsey says. The more you use your credit cards, the more debt you will accrue. Instead, he recommends people use debit cards, cash, or other options payment methods that won’t cause issues down the line.

6. “Get rid of the credit cards NOW so you don’t use them in a moment of weakness.”

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If possible, avoid using credit cards altogether.

Takeaway: Do Not Use Credit Cards, Point Blank

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There might be better alternatives to credit cards, if accessible to you in your financial situation.

Similar to his other quotes, this one advises individuals to get rid of their credit cards altogether. Ramsey warns people from using credit cards during moments of weakness, such as when they want to make a big purchase or don’t have the funds to support something they desire. He labels credit cards as a liability — one that can cause a lot of financial stress and struggles down the line.

7. “Don’t believe the LIE that you need a credit score. You’ll be just fine without one.”

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You can still make major purchases and investments without having a credit score.

Takeaway: Do What’s Best For You

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Don’t believe that you MUST use a credit card or build a credit score.

As noted above, Ramsey believes that you don’t need a credit score to lead a successful life. Considering he has no credit himself, he believes that you can still make necessary purchases and investments without racking up debt through the use of credit cards

8. “A credit score is nothing but an ‘I love debt’ score.”

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Excessive credit card usage can lead to excessive debt.

Takeaway: Avoiding Debt Means Avoiding Credit Cards

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As best as possible, attempt to avoid debt by using debit cards or cash instead of credit cards.

To Ramsey, a credit score is just an indication of debt rather than a sign of financial wellness. While many people take pride in high credit scores (and rightfully so), Ramsey believes that credit scores aren’t actually all they’re cracked up to be. If anything, he believes they are mere “I love debt” scores.

Why We Are Covering This

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Dave Ramsey is a great resource for financial advice.

Dave Ramsey is a go-to for financial advice. As the host of The Ramsey Show, a nationally syndicated radio program, Ramsey has compiled valuable tips and quotes that help serve his diverse audience. His take on credit cards is a unique one, and it can help foster a different point of view on credit card usage.


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