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Toyota Recall Tops 100,000

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Recalls of Toyota’s Tundra pickup just won’t stop. So far, there have been seven of them for the 2022 and 2023 models, according to CNN. The most recent was for 168,000. These have a fuel tube problem that could cause a fire.

CNN reports earlier recalls include “electronic parking brake system, loose axle nuts, and a software issue with the vehicle’s rearview camera.” To observe that the Tundra is a lemon is an understatement.

Recalls can ruin car companies’ reputations. The problems for Toyota reverse a multi-decade string of awards as the best-built vehicle in the industry. This, in turn, has helped Toyota become the second or third-best-selling car company in the US. behind GM and sometimes Ford.

A reputation can take years to make but a brief time to compromise.

The Toyota recall problem is also costly. Recalls mean manufacturers need to replace parts, and this requires labor at the dealer level. Dealers must also contend with skeptical customers, which may cost them sales.

Among the wonders about the modern car industry is that no matter how much assembly lines, production, and research and development are improved, recalls remain a huge problem. This, in turn, means technology can only go so far to master a decades-long issue.

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