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Millennials' 24 Least Favorite Beverages: Ranked

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Millennials tend to have pretty adventurous palates, but there are some drinks that they just don’t like! From sugary concoctions to bitter brews, get ready for a countdown of the 24 beverages millennials are most likely to wrinkle their noses at!

We gathered all of our data from YouGov, which surveyed millennials about their drink preferences. This article is organized countdown style, so you’ll find the most disliked beverage at the end! We’ve also included a rating, which is the percentage of millennials that gave each beverage a high rating. 

As always, if you decide to indulge in any of the alcoholic beverages on this list, be sure to drink responsibly!

You can also take a look at the brands millennials like the most. As you might imagine, they’re very different from this list. 

Without further ado, let’s see if your least favorite beverage made the cut!

What Does This Have to Do with Finance?

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As my dad always used to say: “the best way to figure out what to invest in is to see what your neighbor is wearing.” Or, in this case, what your neighbor is drinking! If you’re selecting companies to invest in, you probably don’t want to select companies that Millenials don’t like. 

24. Lavazza

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  • Rating: 39%

Lavazza is a popular Italian coffee brand that’s best known for its espresso blends. However, the flavor may be a bit too bold for what many Millenials are looking for. 

23. Zephyrhills

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  • Rating: 39%

This brand of bottled water is sourced in Florida. It may offer a clear, crisp taste, but many Millenials may consider it too expensive. Others seemingly didn’t even know the brand existed!

22. Erath

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  • Rating: 39%

Erath is a winery in Oregon’s Dundee Hills. This company produces Pinot Noir and other cool-climate varietals. While their wine is described as fruit-forward, it appears that Millenials don’t like them too much!

21. BuzzTallz

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  • Rating: 39%

BuzzTallz isn’t well-known to millennials. Typically, they are loaded with sugar and target a younger demographic. 

20. Cakebread Cellars

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  • Rating: 39%

Cakebread Cellars is a well-respected winery located in Napa Valley, California. Cakebread produces a range of wines, like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

19. Ghia

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  • Rating: 39%

Ghia is a sparkling aperitif brand known for its botanical ingredients and lower alcohol content than traditional aperitifs. It is targeted towards health-conscious drinkers, but it appears that Millenials do not rate it very highly. 

18. Rasasvada Zero-Proof Spirit

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  • Rating: 38%

Rasasvada offers a unique option for those who want to enjoy the taste and experience of a spirit without the alcohol. This company offers zero-proof spirits that are crafted with botanicals and other natural flavors. However, millennials do not seem to like this brand. 

17. ZICO

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  • Rating: 38%

ZICO is a brand of coconut water that millennials don’t seem to know well. It’s likely that this generation prefers other brands of coconut water. 

16. Starborough

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  • Rating: 38%

Starborough is another brand that millennials don’t know well and don’t seem to like when they do know it. It’s rated similarly to the previous drinks on this list. 

15. Pentire Adrift

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  • Rating: 38%

Pentire Adrift is a Cornish brewery that’s best known for its craft beers. It’s known for using locally sourced ingredients, but it seems that many Millenials don’t prefer their beverages.

14. Kim Crawford

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  • Rating: 38%

Kim Crawford is a New Zealand winery. Its drinks used to be pretty popular amongst Millenials, but its ratings have been dropping. Its most popular wines are typically fruit-forward and crips. 

13. Robert Mondavi Private Selection

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  • Rating: 38%

Robert Mondavi Private Selection is a line of wines from the Robert Mondavi Winery in California. Its selection includes affordable, dependable wine, but this company also produces some high-end drinking options. 

12. Woodnose Sacre

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  • Rating: 37%

Woodnose Sacre is a smaller producer that doesn’t have much traction. Based on the poll results, not many millennials know of their beverages, which is likely why they have such low ratings. 

11. Santa Margherita

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  • Rating: 37%

Santa Margherita is an Italian winery that’s best known for their Pinto Grigio and Prosecco wines. For one reason or another, millennials just don’t seem to like them!

10. Eight O’Clock Coffee

Popular health care drink : Bulletproof Coffee
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  • Rating: 37%

While Eight O’Clock Coffee was well-known by the millennials surveyed, it seems that most did not think highly of this coffee brand. That said, this coffee is a popular choice for other generations. It’s best known for being affordable and consistent. 

9. Three Spirit Non-Alcoholic

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  • Rating: 37%

This company caters to the growing market for non-alcoholic beverages with complex flavors. It produces zero-proof spirits made with botanicals that mimic the experience of spirits without the alcohol content. That said, millennials generally don’t seem to like them. 

8. Slim Chillers

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  • Rating: 37%

Slim Chillers is another one of those brands that millennials just aren’t very familiar with. For this reason, the company ended up at the bottom of the list! You can’t think highly of something if you don’t know about it.

7. Mi Campo

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  • Rating: 36%

Mi Campo is a brand of tequila made with pure blue agave. It doesn’t rate well with millennials, and many of those polled didn’t know the brand existed! Therefore, the company got booted towards the bottom of our list. 

6. BuzzBallz Biggies

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  • Rating: 36%

BuzzBalls Biggies makes hand-crafted cocktails in larger sizes. Its drinks are made to be shared and very easy to drink. Still, many millennials do not care for their drinks. 

5. Widow Jane

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  • Rating: 36%

Widow Jane is a New York-based distillery known for its innovative and award-winning whiskeys. Despite being very adventurous, this brand isn’t well-liked by millennials. The company is best known for its unique grains and finishing techniques, which leave its whiskeys with a unique blend of flavors. 

4. Volcan de mi Tierra

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  • Rating: 36%

Volcan de mi Tierra translates to “Volcano of my Earth” and is a brand of tequila. Based on the survey, not many millennials have tried this brand and those who have didn’t rate it very highly. Like all tequilas, this company makes its beverages with blue agave plants. 

 3. Proteau

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  • Rating: 34%

Proteau is another nonalcoholic drink company that focuses on high-end beverages. As you might imagine, the brand can get pretty expensive for this reason! Some of its drinks were meant to replace wine, but many millennials do not rate them very highly. 

2. Curious Elixirs

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  • Rating: 34%

Curious Elixirs specializes in non-alcoholic cocktails, like many of the beverages on our list! Its bottled drinks are crafted with botanicals and made to mimic the taste of classic cocktails without providing any alcohol. 

1. Firstleaf

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  • Rating: 32%

Firstleaf is a wine club that provides a curated selection of wine to your doorstep based on your preferences. While this company is unique compared to others on our list, it also isn’t very highly rated by millennials.

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