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Millennials' 15 Favorite Brands: Ranked

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When you think about the most popular brands for millennials today, you’re likely expecting names like Amazon, Google, and Apple. The reality is that according to YouGov, the list of the most popular brands with millennials is full of surprises. Instead of Apple and Google, you should expect names like Ziploc and Dawn. 

As millennials continue to surprise by thinking differently than previous generations, why should a list of favorite brands be any different? The YouGov ranking of millennials’ favorite brands is from Q1 2024, so it’s as recent as we can get, which makes this ascending data all the more surprising. 

Why Are We Covering This? 

Source: Woodkern / iStock Editorial via Getty Images
Brands like Samsung are some of the most popular for millennials.

It’s a good question to ask as to why a site called 24/7 Wall St. is covering millennials’ favorite brands. The thing is that millennials have a ton of buying power and are about to inherit a ton of money from boomers. In addition, they also care a lot about socially active brands. On top of that, many of the brands listed below are owned by very large companies that are very active on the stock market. 

15. Lay’s Potato Chips

Source: Ekaterina79 / iStock Editorial via Getty Images
It should come as no surprise millennials love Lay’s potato chips.
  • Popularity: 78%
  • Year Founded: 1932

It’s hard to imagine that Lay’s was first sold in 1932. However, since then, the U.S. has been in love with potato chips. Whether you are at a restaurant or throwing a party, potato chips are a staple part of American life. As the brand has been around for generations as a staple product, Lay’s, like other products you’ll be reading about on this list, has a nostalgic appeal for millennials. It also doesn’t hurt they taste great. 

14. Starburst

Source: m01229 / Flickr
Are you really a millennial if you don’t love a good Starburst?
  • Popularity: 79%
  • Year Founded: 1967

With their juicy flavor, it shouldn’t come as a surprise millennials, like other generations, love Starburst. Starburst also happens to be one of the more affordable candies as you can buy in bulk, something millennials love to do. As individual Starburst are pocket-sized, you can also carry a few with you anywhere, which has its appeal. Last but not least, there is likely some affinity with the Starburst brand as millennials grew up receiving this candy at birthday parties. 

13. LG

LG Brand
Source: Public Domain / Flickr
The LG brand makes some of the best televisions millennials can buy today.
  • Popularity: 79%
  • Year Founded: 1947

One of the most popular electronics brands in the world, LG needs little introduction to millennials. Between manufacturing some of the best televisions available, along with terrific appliances, LG has a great reputation. Even though millennials tend to be more budget-conscious, for higher-priced items that they want to last like appliances and televisions, going with LG models provides a sense of comfort that they last for a long time. 

12. Neosporin 

Source: Mrbeastmodeallday / Wikimedia Commons
When you get a cut or bruise, Neosporin to the rescue.
  • Popularity: 79%
  • Year Founded: 1951

As millennials were growing up, the use of Neosporin was commonplace for cuts and bruises. Along with band-aids, Neosporin was expected whenever mommy, daddy, or grandma patched you up. If you fell off a bike, you could expect Neosporin. There’s no doubt thoughts of this brand reminds millennials of their childhood, which means there is a nostalgic aspect tied directly to the Neosporin name. 

11. Microsoft 

Source: lcva2 / iStock Editorial via Getty Images
Microsoft has been around basically the entire life of a millennial.
  • Popularity: 80%
  • Year Founded: 1975

The name behind the Windows platform, Microsoft is as familiar to millennials as many brands can get. Millennials undoubtedly grew up not just familiar with the Microsoft name, but also knowing Bill Gates. Microsoft has also turned into a much more socially engaged and active brand over the past few years, which has undoubtedly erased much of the negativity that surrounded the brand two decades ago. 

10. Windows

Source: wdstock / iStock Editorial via Getty Images
Windows is one of a millennial’s most used technology aspects.
  • Popularity: 81%
  • Year Founded: 1985

With roughly 80 plus percent of the computer market today, Windows has been around since 1985. It’s safe to say that every millennial grew up not just with Windows, but also apps like PowerPoint and Word. Between the familiarity with Windows and its overwhelming market share, it’s no surprise it’s on this list. In addition, Windows computers can be much less expensive than Apple’s MacBook Air lineup. 

9. M&M’s 

Source: Ekaterina79 / iStock Editorial via Getty Images
There’s never a bad time for M&M’s.
  • Popularity: 81%
  • Year Founded: 1941

Originally released for soldiers on the front lines, the popularity of M&Ms in World War 2 inspired the Mars company to continue making them. Fast forward to the millennial era and M&Ms are just a nostalgic staple of candy life. The fun colors alongside the silly commercials have helped the M&M brand continue its strong brand favorability. Plus, the M&M social media game is strong, something millennials love to see. 

8. Kit Kat

Kit Kat
Source: slgc / Flickr
Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.
  • Popularity: 81%
  • Year Founded: 1935

Along with its global appeal as a favorite American treat, Kit Kat bars have long been a favorite choice among all generations. With a variety of flavors, including milk chocolate, Kit Kat offers mass appeal. Better yet, you can enjoy a Kit Kat bar thanks to a bit of portion control without feeling like you are overindulging. On top of this, millennials likely support Kit Kat’s fun television marketing, which tells a good story about the candy bars without pushing too hard. 

7. Dawn

Dawn dish soap
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.
When it comes to cleaning dishes, there’s no better brand than Dawn.
  • Popularity: 82%
  • Year Founded: 1973

Some kitchen items are bound to be more popular with millennials than others. According to YouGov, Dawn dishwashing liquid is the 7th most popular brand in this age group. The best-selling dish soap brand in the United States, Dawn is to dishwashing soap as Kleenex is to tissues. There’s likely a strong brand affinity here from using Dawn as millennials were growing up so they just continued the trend from their parents. 

6. Ziploc

Source: CatLane / iStock via Getty Images
Ziploc bags are a staple part of every millennial’s kitchen life.
  • Popularity: 82%
  • Year Founded: 1968

A definite staple of kitchens around America, the use of Ziploc bags has been around since 1968. These reusable and re-sealable bags have made it easy to take food just about everywhere. As millennials were growing up, there’s an almost 100% certainty that at one point or another, they had lunch out of a Ziploc bag. Like some other brands on this list, both nostalgia and functionality combine to make the Ziploc bag a super popular brand with a millennial audience. 

5. Reese’s 

Source: Nick Amoscato / Wikimedia Commons
You can never go wrong with a bag of Reese’s.
  • Popularity: 82%
  • Year Founded: 1928

First made available in 1928, the Reese’s Candy Company is one of the most popular in the country. While the peanut butter cup is the most popular, other candies like Almond Joy, Bubble Yum, Jolly Rancher, Good & Plenty, and Kit Kat all help provide a little bit of dessert heaven. Between candy that easily fits in your pocket as well as the variety of different brands under Reese’s name, there’s something for everyone. 

4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Source: Mike Mozart / Flickr
There is never a bad time of day for a Reese’s peanut butter cup.
  • Popularity: 83%
  • Year Founded: 1928

When it comes to favorite candies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is at the top of millennials’ lists. It shouldn’t come as any surprise considering how long this chocolate and peanut butter combo has been bringing smiles to the faces of millions. Originally released in 1928, there’s a good chance another family member introduced millennials to these treats. This might mean a nostalgic connection, which is a strong explanation for its continued popularity. 

3. Samsung 

Source: georgeclerk / iStock Unreleased via Getty Images
When it comes to electronic brands, Samsung is tops with millennials.
  • Popularity: 83%
  • Year Founded: 1938

As the manufacturer of the Samsung Galaxy series of devices as well as popular televisions, Samsung’s place on this list is secure. There is a better-than-good chance many millennials own at least one Samsung product. It could be a refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer, smartphone, or tablet. With such a widespread range of products, Samsung’s popularity with millennials is assured as there’s a definite familiarity and trust associated with the name. 

2. Nintendo 

Source: luza studios / Getty Images
Of all the video game systems available, Nintendo is millennials’ top choice.
  • Popularity: 84%
  • Year Founded: 1889

Growing up with Nintendo being the most popular video game console brand, it’s no surprise it is high on this list. Between the Nintendo DS, 3DS, and Wii, a whole generation of millennial gamers was raised on Nintendo products. Because of this, there’s a strong affinity for brands like Mario and Mario Kart. Playing Super Mario World on a Nintendo console always means you’re in for a good time, hence its worldwide popularity. 

1. Band-Aid

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons
While it’s surprising, band-aid is a millennial’s most popular brand.
  • Popularity: 84%
  • Year Founded: 1920

A surprising number one most popular brand with millennials, but also not surprising as well. Band-aids have been a part of millennials’ lives since they were first born. Every bump, cut, and bruise has been met with a band-aid box. There’s a sense of warmth and comfort seeing a band-aid knowing it’s going to fix any boo-boos. This warm and fuzzy feeling evidently equates to being the most popular brand according to YouGov’s data. 


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