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Avoid All Shaving Cream/Razor Brands Except These 14

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It’s no secret that razor and shaving cream companies have manipulated millions of people into believing that paying outrageous prices for terrible, harmful disposable razors is normal. There are two billion disposable plastic razors discarded annually in just the United States alone. It seems like our only choice is to buy expensive razors or grow out our beards. 

Thankfully, there are better alternatives. There are plenty of sustainable, ethical, plastic-free options that are hygienic and will not only give you a smooth shave but also help you feel a little better about your consumerism. Your wallet will also thank you. We also included some alternative, healthier, and eco-friendly shaving creams and soaps. These options cover all price ranges and qualities, but most importantly they are sustainable and healthy for you and the Earth. The more effort you put into considering the products you buy, the better your life can be.

Why Are We Talking About This?

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Even the cheap disposable razors are too expensive and still destructive to your skin.

Personal hygiene is expensive, no thanks to inflation and corporations raising their prices for no good reason. This is especially true for women and those who use women’s products. Sometimes it might feel like your only option is to buy the expensive garbage on the supermarket shelves that damages your skin, but this is because you might not know where to look.

That’s why we wanted to recommend a few companies and brands that make affordable and sustainable shaving products that will last longer than one night and treat your skin better. For each company, we included one of our recommended products that they offer along with the price for your convenience.

#1 Bambaw

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Shaving at home can be a great experience with the right tools.
  • Product: Bamboo Safety Razor
  • Price: $20.93

Bambaw has a luxurious, plastic-fee, fragrance-free shaving soap bar in multiple fragrances that will get you started on your zero-waste swap journey! Besides its Shaving Soap Bars, it carries its highly-rated Bamboo Safety Razor, replacement blades, and a metal razor that comes in several colors. 

Bamabaw is on a mission to rethink consumerism and offer durable alternatives to single-use products. It crafts its “zero-waste swaps,” with the lowest eco-footprint they possibly can under fair conditions. 

#2 Hanni

Aerial view of the national park and Victoria Falls. Green Planet. Huge waterfall with natural pools where you can swim. Helicopter flight in Livingstone Canyon Zambia 03.2023
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Feel good buying razors that protect the Earth.
  • Product: The Weighted Razor
  • Price: $42

Not only is Hanni’s Weighted Razor an Allure Beauty Award Winner of 2021, but it is plastic-free, powder-coated (meaning it won’t rust), and it comes in multiple colors. You can also try it risk-free for 90 days. The weight of the handle of the razor does all the work for you, allowing the blades to glide effortlessly over sensitive skin. It comes with a pack of five blades and a silicone razor cap. 

Hanni takes being 100% sustainable seriously. Hanni recognizes that sustainability is a journey, not a destination, and is getting better and better each year. Hanni is partnered with 1% For the Planet, Net Zero Plastic Waste, and is climate-neutral certified. 

#3 Shoreline Shaving

United+Kingdom | Tower bridge - London, United Kingdom - Travel photography
Source: giuseppemilo / Flickr
A view of Tower Bridge in London.
  • Product: Rose Gold Reusable Safety Razor Shaving Kit
  • Price: 30.49 Pounds

This UK-based brand delivers eco-friendly shaving kits for women and men that accomplish your goal of smooth skin and saving the planet. Each kit includes either bamboo or stainless-steel reusable safety razors, a matching razor stand, 10 double-edge razor blades, a blade disposal tin, a drawstring hessian travel bag, a user manual for blade fitting, an eco-friendly gift box, and a gift-wrapping service. 


Source: happy_finch / iStock via Getty Images
This is a normal leaf, not an image of the company, Leaf.
  • Product: The Leaf Razor
  • Price: $84.00

Leaf has any eco-friendly, plastic-free shaving tool to accomplish any job, including dermaplaners, single-edge razors, shave creams, and shave oils and their signature triple blade The Leaf Razor. Its Leaf Razor may seem pricey, but you are truly paying for quality. This razor is an investment for your sustainable future. It comes with a lifetime warranty, 60-day returns, and is proven to achieve the close shave you desire. 

#5 Jungle Culture

Vietnam | Beautiful aerial view photo of Saigon - Ho Chi Minh city at night
Source: SamuelBrownNG / iStock via Getty Images
Saigon, Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam.
  • Product: 2023 Edition Jungle Culture Safety Razors
  • Price: $29.00

Jungle Culture works directly with local farmers and artisans in Vietnam to produce all their products. They carry reusable unisex safety razors that come in chrome, metal, and even bamboo. Don’t forget to snag your Natural Jute Travel Bag.

Jungle Culture produces products that are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, sustainably made, and 100% plastic-free. Its team even regularly visits every production site in its production line to ensure that they are reaching Jungle Culture’s rigorous standards. 

#6 EcoRoots

Source: bee32 / Getty Images
Bamboo products are the best products!
  • Product: Safety Razor
  • Price: $39.50

Coming in rose gold and black, EcoRoots’ Safety Razor is easy to use, reusable, plastic-free, and guarantees no razor burns. Pair it with EcoRoots’ organic body scrub and organic shaving soap for the perfect shave. You can even get it in a kit. You can also pick up a natural bamboo toothbrush and some Vegan Hyaluronic Serum while you’re there. 

EcoRoots is woman-owned and on a mission to provide the highest quality eco-friendly and low-waste products possible. It is committed to transparency, receiving feedback, and improving all the time. Its packing materials are also 100% recyclable.  

#7 Preserve

Source: lindsay_imagery / iStock via Getty Images
One of the many crimes of our species.
  • Product: Shave 5 Razor System
  • Price: $12.99

Why produce new materials when we can pull the plastic out of the ocean and repurpose it? Preserve does just that. All its razors are made with recycled ocean plastic, are 100% recycled and recyclable, and 25% of proceeds are donated to non-profits that clean up oceans and support conservation. 

Preserve is a certified B-Corp, is BPA-free, and has absolutely no animal testing. 

#8 Savonnerie Des Diligences

Source: Gabriel Shakour / iStock via Getty Images
A beautiful view of Quebec.
  • Product: The Barber
  • Price: $6.99

For bathroom elegance, we have to include some Canadian French soap. What better place to pick up a Shaving Soap Bar? The Barber uses tea tree, beeswax, and white thyme with antibacterial elements to make it the perfect replacement for your traditional shaving gel. Savonnerie Des Diligences carries shampoo bars, and facial soaps, and even has a “legends” line. It offers something for every skin and hair type. 

Savonnerie Des Diligences was founded in 2005 by Marie-Eve Lejour and Sebastien Boismenu on a mission to create quality natural products that care for people and the planet. You can even drop by for a factory tour next time you are in Quebec.

#9 Badger

Source: Nenov / iStock via Getty Images
Aloe Vera is great for more than just sunburns.
  • Product: Shaving Soap Bar
  • Price: $12.99

Shave Soap is truly a reassurance that you are receiving a zero-waste product. That is certainly the case with Badger’s Organic Shave Soap. It’s cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic, palm oil-free, USDA Certified Organic, GMO-free, made with solar power, ethically sourced, and comes in plastic-free packaging. This shave soap also only has 14 ingredients including aloe vera, coconut oil, and glycerin. 

Badger was founded by Bill Whyte, who at the time was a frustrated carpenter who couldn’t find any solutions to his super-dry skin. Badger is still family-owned and on a mission to create a healthier world. 

#10 Tiny Yellow Bungalow

Source: 5ugarless / iStock via Getty Images
Plant some flowers with your shaving garbage.
  • Product: Handmade Organic Shave Soap Bar
  • Price: $6.99

Tiny Yellow Bungalow has a whole line of zero-waste shaving products including an all-metal razor. We wanted to highlight its Handmade Organic Shave Soap Bar that is free from synthetic fragrances made from certified organic ingredients including essential oils, avocado oil, fair trade shea butter, dark porter beer, and bentonite clay. It is also paraben and SLS-free.

This zero-waste bar has unique packaging as well. The outside wrapping is made of plantable flower seed paper. You just soak it in water, plant it, and see what grows. 

#11 LusitaniaSoaps

Source: faungg's photos / Flickr
You’d be surprised how much upgrading your soap can improve your day.
  • Product: Old Fashioned, Vegan, Zero-waste Shaving Soap for Men & Women
  • Price: $29.50 (brush included) 

This shaving soap is less of a regular soap bar and more of an experience or ritual. LusitianiaSoaps has a fun Old Fashioned Shaving Soap for men and women that comes with a shaving brush. Indulge in this luxurious way to be eco-conscious and zero-waste. 

There are no synthetics, colorants, or chemicals. It is made with top-tier botanical ingredients and comes in Terra Firma, Wild Flower, and unscented. 

#12 Flamingo

Source: VanWyckExpress / E+ via Getty Images
These are your normal flamingos, not the company, Flamingo.
  • Product: Flamingo Foaming Shave Gel
  • Price: $6.00

Is shaving soap just really not your thing? Do you need a gentler transition away from a big-brand shaving cream? Look no further than Flamingo’s Foaming Shave Gel. It is dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and artificial dye-free. This lux gel-to-foam vegan formula comes in metal packaging, and the company does a lot of social good, too.

Flamingo donates 1% of profits to support organizations that help women have freedom of choice for their bodies. Some of these partners include Girl Scouts, The Love Land Foundation, Black Girls Smile, Girls on the Run, and AAKOMA. 

#13 Harry’s Shave Cream

Source: dusanpetkovic / iStock via Getty Images
Men need mental health help, too.
  • Product: Harry’s Shave Cream
  • Price: $8

One thing we like about Harry’s is its dedication to supporting men’s mental health. Harry’s believes that men should have access to quality mental health care. It accomplishes this by donating 1% of sales to support local partners. It has already helped over two million men to receive access to mental healthcare and has donated over $12 million dollars to its nonprofit partners. 

Harry’s Shave Cream uses marula oil, eucalyptus, mint, and aloe vera to deliver a conditioning formula that hydrates your skin as well as softens your beard. 

#14 Dr. Bronner’s

Canopy and India Gate in New Delhi, India
Source: Richie Chan /
Canopy and India Gate in New Delhi, India.
  • Product: Dr. Bronner’s Lemon Grass Lime Organic Shaving Soaps
  • Price: $9.99

Dr. Bronner’s offers a fabulous unisex organic shaving soap that comes in five scents (we recommend the lemongrass lime), is fair trade, cruelty-free, non-GMO, Organic Tilth Certified, Regenerative Organic Certified, and EWG Verified. Dr. Bronner’s is a certified B-Corp as well. 

This excellent shaving soap is liquid and uses organic shikaki powder sourced from India and sugar from Paraguay, and starts with a coconut-olive-hemp castile soap base. 

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