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Closing price March 1, 2024
The U.S. SEC grudgingly approved applications from 11 investment firms seeking to offer spot Bitcoin ETFs. Let the good times roll.
Before markets open on Monday, two struggling but heavily traded stocks will be reporting earnings.
Here's a preview of a bitcoin miner set to report results after markets close Friday and two more companies on deck before Monday's opening bell.
Many bitcoin mining companies have declared that they will not sell the bitcoin they mine. But the pressure is on now as easy money flows have stopped and mining profits have tanked.
Here are previews of four interesting companies set to report quarterly results before markets open on Monday.
With Bitcoin prices down by about 30% since early November, what's the outlook for bitcoin miners in 2022? Here's a look at the five largest U.S.-traded mining stocks.
Earning results could be driving price movements among some meme stocks today. There also appears to be another stab at a short squeeze on one of the stocks.
Three relatively new, but heavily traded, new companies are on the schedule to report quarterly results after markets close Monday.