VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF

-$2.39 (-6.0%)
Closing price September 23, 2020
If tariffs and an ongoing trade war with China were not enough, now gold bugs get to cheer in silence at a 5% tariff implemented on goods coming from Mexico as an economic tool to fight illegal...
If one thing has proven true over the years and works in favor of the gold bugs, it is that the price of gold thrives on geopolitical uncertainty.
It may seem hard for the gold bugs to celebrate that gold was last seen down about 3% in dollar terms so far in 2019, but against the backdrop of what is happening in the global markets, gold...
With the overhang and larger media frenzy around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies having witnessed a death of a thousand cuts, the interest in gold has been coming back with a rising price.
Monday's announcement of the $10 billion merger between gold mining giants Newmont and Goldcorp naturally leads to the question about what other firms may be on the block.
How on earth can analysts and investors maintain a positive view on gold miners? Is there still value in them even if the underlying commodity is in the toilet?
Gold has had a rough 2018. Despite some of the international trade worries and international suspense, the reality is that most investors are just not looking for the "ultimate safety trade."
With a global recovery underway and with rising interest rates abound, some investors might have some serious fears about the price of gold into 2018. Here's our 360-degree view on gold.
Gold has had a rough month, and the major gains of 2016 have not been repeated across the board in 2017. It turns out that a strong payrolls report from the U.S. Department of Labor is just that much...
Heavy equipment maker Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) is scheduled to report earnings before markets open Tuesday morning.
Many of the gold miners are now trading well above their consensus analyst price targets. That is even after those targets have by and large been raised in recent weeks.
Coming into 2016, gold seem to be losing its luster, even further than in prior years. That was then, this is now.
On the close Friday, the Amex Gold Miners Index is set for a rebalance. What this means is there will be some serious buying and selling on the last print Friday.
In the past week, all 12 gold mining companies with a market cap greater than $2 billion posted share price gains.
The World Gold Council has released its annual Global Demand Trends for the year 2014, and there are frankly some real surprises here.