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The Global X MSCI Greece ETF, managed by Global X Management Company LLC, is a fund that focuses on investing in the Greek public equity markets. It covers a broad range of sectors and selects stocks from both growth and value segments across various market capitalizations. The aim is to mirror the performance of the MSCI All Greece Select 25/50 Index, employing a full replication strategy. This ETF offers investors exposure to the Greek economy through a single investment. It was established in the United States on December 7, 2011.

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It seems hard to imagine much good news coming out of Greece concerning its economy. After all, it has what feels like a decade-long negative track record.
Greek shares traded lower on Tuesday ahead of a confidence vote for Greece's government set for Wednesday night.
Late on Friday came word that Fitch Ratings raised the credit rating for Greece to B- from CCC and that its view is Outlook Positive.
With the Brexit Vote only adding that much more uncertainty, the reality is setting in that this could spell long-term trouble for the European Union. Britain never did share its currency, but they...
Greece is back in the news. The good news about Greece is that they are not back in the news on the verge of an impending default, nor is Greece being accused of being the verge of being ejected from...
Everyone seems to be guessing about the future and near-term expectations after the recent market panic. The first thing that needs to be considered is that trying to call a bottom in a market is...
Greece is back as a financial market again. Well, sort of. The nation finally allowed its stock market to open back up after an unheard of five-week trading halt.
Source: ThinkstockJust when you thought no good news could come out Greece, just look outside of Greece for good news on Greece. Standard & Poor’s has decided to raise Greece’s sovereign credit...
Greece has systemic problems that go very deep, and its fate inside the European Union and inside of the euro currency remains up for debate.
24/7 Wall St. takes a look at three exchange traded funds (ETFs) and a Greek bank to see if they are OK for investment.
The financial media might have the public tricked into believing that Greece's "no" vote is the end of the euro, but 2015 is a far different year than say 2010.
There are still risks, but it appears that a last-minute deal to keep Greece in the euro is now much closer.
There is a big lesson here for Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF investors during the looming Greek default and likely exit from the euro.
The financial markets are in turmoil, after somehow actually having been tricked into thinking the Greeks would strike a bargain.
Another round of emergency European Central Bank funding from late last week allowed Greek banks to open on Monday.