Dell (DELL) Gets Crushed

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The new Gartner research and IDC numbers for PC sales in Q3 are out. You read it hear first. Dell (DELL)will have disappointing numbers when it reports earnings.

Reuters writes that "HP shipped 19.6 percent of all personal computers in the period, a 33 percent leap from the year-earlier period." Dell stayed in the No. 2 spot with an estimated 15.2 percent of the market, but its shipments grew 3.8 percent to 10.2 million units. That growth of under 4% is not going to earn any fans on Wall St.

Lenovo and Acer both have about 8% of the market.

Dell’s shares have moved up about 15% over the last six months in the hope that Michael Dell could fix the firm he founded

Investors are going to have to wait.

Douglas A. McIntyre