RIM (RIMM) Carves Up Apple (AAPL)

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Over the last three months, shares in Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) are down less than 5%. Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) are off over 30%. There have been some concerns about the sale of iPods, but almost every analyst says Mac sales are huge. That by itself could give Apple a good quarter.

Apple’s problem is that investors find it hard to believe that the company can makes its ambitious targets for the iPhone. And RIMM, as much as any other company, may be standing in Apple’s way.

Apple has the iPhone in the US and Europe. It has not cracked the market in China, but RIMM has.

Apple has aspirations for making the iPhone into a business tool which is the stronghold of the RIMM Blackberry. So far, enterprises have not been enthusiastic. Applle still does not have a 3G product. At the same time, RIMM is introducing new handhelds which will be more useful to the consumer, the core market for the iPhone.

The iPhone needs to get by RIMM, and it is not having much success.

Douglas A. McIntyre