Apple (AAPL): Stabbed In The Back By Nvidia (NVDA), Will Jobs Short The Shares?

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It turns out the cowpie of the PC chip world, built and marketed by Nvidia (NVDA), may have ended up in some Apple (AAPL) laptops. That would make the Mac buyers miffed. The semiconductor scrambles video like eggs thereby undermining the Steve Jobs experience.

As an aside, Nvidia had the guts to say that performance of Apple’s PCs had not been compromised by the nasty chip, which appears to be untrue.

According to The Wall Street Journal, "when Nvidia publicly disclosed the problem in July it "assured Apple that Mac computers with these graphics processors were not affected."

At least Nvidia has been hit by class action suits and has set a reserve of $196 million due to the accidental trouble.

The evildoers have been punished. Nvidia’s stock is down 80% so far this year. Jobs is short the shares.

Douglas A. McIntyre