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The iPhone 16 Will Get a Larger Screen

Marcus Lindstrom / E+ via Getty Images

There are always rumors about what upgrades the next iPhone will get. Usually, the latest iPhone is launched in September each year. Looking well into the future, one analyst believes he already knows the features of the iPhone 16, the release of which could be well over a year away. These rumored upgrades may be accurate, since Apple has its devices on the drawing board. (These are the biggest product flops of the past decade.)
A Chinese analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo posted his prediction online in English and Chinese. His paper is titled “expanded use of the periscope for the iPhone 16, and Apple’s 2nd generation AR/MR headset.” According to CNBC, “Kuo said that the iPhone 16 Pro’s display will be ‘slightly larger’ than the screens on the current iPhone 14 Pro and the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro.” It will be introduced in 2024.

The display on the iPhone 16 will be larger than past versions, to a large extent, to allow for a telescoping camera. These presumably will allow for a higher quality of photos and video.

The bet on how rapidly each generation of iPhone will sell is based on whether the owners of current and older iPhones will upgrade quickly. The pace of adoption is critical to Apple’s quarterly revenue. The iPhone is the top contributor to Apple’s sales.

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