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Launching the New 'Food ETF' (EATX, BRFS, GIS, KFT, HNZ, K, SLE, CAG)

There is an ETF for just about everything, and now there is one geared solely around the consumption of food.  Global X Funds has launched yet another niche ETF with the lauch of the Global X Food ETF (NYSE: EATX). This is a global ETF composed of major food companies in the Solactive Global Food Index. The ETF tracks the broad-based equity market performance of global companies involved in the food industry.

As of April 29, 2011, the breakdown is about 48.27% in the United States.  Its largest components are Nestle at 4.86% and Danone at 4.85%, and the rest as follows: Brasil Foods S.A. (NYSE: BRFS) at 4.81%; General Mills Inc. (NYSE: GIS) at 4.75%; Kraft Foods Inc. (NYSE: KFT) at 4.68%; HJ Heinz Co. (NYSE: HNZ) at 4.68%; Kellogg Co. (NYSE: K) at 4.68%; Sara Lee Corporation (NYSE: SLE) at 3.80%; and ConAgra Foods Inc. (NYSE: CAG) at 3.36%.

The ETF is based largely upon growth in emerging market nations and the impact on food, and the greater purchasing power that follows.

The saying is becoming “There’s an ETF for that!” and that is becoming more true each day.