Cosmetic Surgery As A Path To A New Job

sunset5A number of studies show that tall, good-looking people do better in life and in love. It makes some sense, even in the job markets. Who would not rather have an attractive salesman or clerk instead of an ugly or overweight one?

The bias toward better-looking people is cruel, but it is a fact of life. As jobs disappear, the Adonis is more likely to find work than a hag is.

According to Reuters, “some surgeons and patients are now citing increased interest in surgery among people wanting to look younger and “fresher” for the ever-competitive job market.” Whether the surgery will ultimately help a significant number of people find jobs, it will keep plastic surgeons off the bread lines.

The news points to the vicious cycle caused by the recession and resulting job loss. An individual who is out of a job may have very little money. If that money is spent on surgery, the patient may have nothing left for essentials like housing and food. The trend could even increase mortgage delinquency rates.

The desperate are often willing to take chances, even those with long odds. In most cases, these are bad decisions, but they still may have some benefits. Even those who are out of work, but surgically improved, will feel better looking in the mirror, and the ranks of the unemployed will appear to have a better class of people.

Douglas A. McIntyre