Ten Most Expensive World Cup Group Stage Tickets

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With the World Cup in full swing, the interest in soccer is at an all time high in the United States. Each game going forward will be more and more important, with teams all needing points to advance. With that comes more exciting, fast-paced and often higher scoring games. With chances to watch the likes of Messi, Iniesta and Neymar in the top soccer competition in the world, the idea that tickets are still available is all the more appealing. The average price for World Cup 2014 tickets during the group stage games is $585.17 on the secondary market.

According to TiqIQ, below is a list of the 10 most expensive remaining group stage games:

1) 6/25 – Nigeria vs Argentina | Avg. Price: $1258.76 | Get-in Price: $708

Argentina will look to build upon their opening match win against Bosnia as they take on Nigeria, who tied their opening match to Iran. Argentina is poised to show off their tremendous, skilled ability with the likes of Di Maria and Aguero aiding the powerhouse that is Messi. Nigeria will be hoping to grab a point in the hopes of advancing forward.

2) 6/19 – Uruguay vs England | Avg. Price: $1170.79 | Get-in Price: $736

This match is crucial for both teams after both dropped their first match of the tournament. This is a must win for both teams if they want to advance to the knockout rounds. Uruguay hopes that Suarez can come back into the starting 11 as Gerrard and England look to exploit the young Uruguayan defense.

3) 6/23 – Netherlands vs Chile | Avg. Price: $1013.54 | Get-in Price: $804

Both teams are coming off impressive wins in what some have considered the hardest group of the tournament. Netherlands, led by Van Persie, dissected one of the World Cup favorites in Spain netting five goals in the win whereas Chile, on the back of Sånchez, put in three goals defeating Australia. Being that is the their last game of the group stages both may have already advanced which will take out some of the excitement in the game.

4) 6/18 – Spain vs Chile | Avg. Price: $991.37 | Get-in Price: $668

Spain and Chile match up in what is a must win for the defending champion Spain if they want any chance of repeating and advancing to the knockout rounds. Chile are hoping to build on their opening win and grab at least a draw in the hopes of securing a spot in the next round.

5) 6/17 – Brazil vs Mexico | Avg. Price: $961.75 | Get-in Price: $413

The Host nation and World Cup Favorite Brazil have their toughest group match against Mexico, who is the other favorite to come out of Group A. Both teams lead the group with three points and it is sure to be a quick, fast paced game with a lot of flare as is accustomed to both the Brazilian and Mexican sides.

6) 6/23 – Cameroon vs Brazil | Avg. Price: $891.63 | Get-in Price: $450

This is the last game for both teams in the group stages, which could mean a few things. Brazil might have already advanced so they may sit some players. Cameroon will definitely be fighting for a spot to move forward so the hope for them is Brazil sit the likes of Neymar and company to give them a chance at advancing.

7) 6/23 – Australia vs Spain | Avg. Price: $771.37 | Get-in Price: $519

Before the tournament this was sure to be a throw out game for Spain who was supposed to have already advanced, but with their opening dramatic loss to Netherlands, they will have to most likely not only win, but win big if they want to defend their title. Australia being the worst team in the tournament will be in for a big test.

8) 6/25 – Ecuador vs France | Avg. Price: $750.13 | Get-in Price: $455

This matchup between France and Ecuador will be very important for Ecuador if they hope to advance. After dropping their first game in the last ten seconds to Switzerland every game is a must win. For France depending on how they fare in their second game, all they should need here is a draw to safely advance on.

9) 6/22 – Belgium vs Russia | Avg. Price: $735.51 | Get-in Price: $400

Belgium and Russia are the two favorites to advance out of group H so this match is considered to be the most competitive match out of all group H games. Neither has played their first game in the tournament yet, so there is much to be said about the implications of this game until we see some results for their first matches.

10) 6/26 – United States vs Germany | Avg. Price: $714.73 | Get-in Price: $364

After Germany won in convincing fashion over Portugal and the United States defeated Ghana in an exciting ending, both team are the favorites to advance. Germany will be favored to win, but might not need a win if they can win their second game. The US however will most likely need to steal a point to advance.