Consumers Look to Rack Up Credit Card Rewards This Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner and consumer spending is ramping up more and more as we approach Black Friday. In fact, a large number of consumers are spending this season with the intent of earnings credit card rewards. According to a recent survey from Discover Financial Services, nearly half (46%) of consumers are saying that their biggest reason for using a credit card is for this very reason.

Additionally, according to the survey, consumers plan to spend an average of $1,159 on their holiday purchases.

Discover’s survey also noted that consumers when asked about their feelings toward shopping online versus in-store during the holidays, 83% believed that in-store shopping is more stressful, while 77% think they get better prices from shopping online.

At the same time, the survey reported that consumers 35 and older are planning to shop on a mobile device this year at a rate 15% higher than last year.

Also 42% of consumers think chip cards will make the in-store checkout process take longer during the holidays, while 40% think they won’t. And then 51% of consumers say security of their payment and personal information is more important to them, compared to speed during checkout (7%).

Maureen Powers, Discover’s VP of rewards, commented:

For the more than 1 in 3 consumers who plan to use their credit card for most of their holiday purchases, it’s important that they understand their card’s rewards structure so they can maximize the dollars they spend, as well as take advantage of other free benefits like Purchase Protection or Return Guarantee; benefits that can bring peace of mind to the holiday shopping experience.