4 in 10 Drivers Aren’t Prepared for Emergency Breakdown

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Many drivers who are on the road this summer don’t have the tools or equipment to handle an emergency breakdown. The AAA puts that figure at four in 10. That means the association will be hard at work to help millions of drivers.

According to the AAA:

This summer, AAA expects to rescue 7 million American drivers, with the majority facing battery, lock and tire-related issues. This number could soar higher, with a AAA survey revealing that 4 out of 10 American drivers are unprepared for emergency breakdown situations.

Among the most significant problems are that two-thirds of drivers have never had their batteries “proactively tested.” In other words, these drivers do not know whether their batteries are in good shape. Also, 20% of drivers do not know how to change a tire, and 40% do not carry an emergency kit.

Allstate suggests a full emergency kit should carry over 30 items, from hand sanitizer, ziplock bags and dried fruit to water filter, LED flashlights, knives, maps and shovels.

What are the major causes of car breakdowns? The AAA reports:

Dead batteries, flat tires and vehicle lockouts are top reasons that members call AAA during the summer.

While more than half of members’ problems are resolved at the roadside by AAA, more than 3 million drivers will experience significant vehicle issues this summer that require a tow to a repair facility.

With low-profile tires and the elimination of spare tires, many newer vehicles are especially susceptible to roadside trouble.

Three-quarters of families who plan to travel this year will drive to their “favorite vacation spot.” That puts the number of drivers well into the tens of millions. Many of them will spend time waiting by the side of the road instead of relaxing at their destination.