More Than 172,000 California Properties at Risk From Wildfires

More than 172,000 homes in the Napa and Santa Rosa metro areas, with a combined reconstruction cost value (RCV) of more than $65 billion, are at some level of risk from wildfires, according to property data analyst CoreLogic.

The analysis is calculated based on homes within these two areas based on five active fires — three in Napa and two in Santa Rosa.

Statewide, a total of 9.1 million homes with a combined RCV of $3.1 trillion are at some level of risk from wildfires in California.

According to CNN, wildfires have claimed the lives of 17 people and destroyed hundreds of buildings and forced thousands to evacuate parts of northern California. Firefighters are concerned winds are expected to pick up Wednesday and spread the inferno.

Most of the fires were ignited Sunday, driven by winds of up to 79 miles an hour and fueled by dry conditions. No rain is forecast for the next few days.

In Santa Rosa County, 122,925 properties are considered low risk, 2,589 are moderate risk, 5,766 are high risk and 2,705 are extreme risk.

In Napa County, 35,130 are considered low risk, 415 are moderate risk, 1,021 are high risk and 1,564 are at extreme risk.