These Are the Names of the Record 29 Atlantic Storms This Year

Tropical Storm Theta formed in the Atlantic as Tropical Storm Eta hit Florida and moved across northern Florida toward the Atlantic. Between them, they pushed the number of named storms in the Atlantic basin this year to 29, which is a record. The previous record was set in 2005, the year that Katrina savaged New Orleans.

The National Weather Center ran through the traditional list of storm names weeks ago. They had to move to the Greek alphabet to give names to the storms that occurred after that. The first of this year’s storms was Tropical Storm Arthur, which formed on May 16.

The theory experts have put forward on the storm count mostly revolves around climate change. Warmer weather has increased the temperature in the Atlantic well west of where the storms hit Central America and the United States. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration actually forecast this storm season would be especially brutal for that reason. August was the second warmest August on record worldwide, and NOAA issued the following statement: “The 3-month season from June through August 2020 was the Northern Hemisphere’s hottest meteorological summer on record, surpassing both 2019 and 2016 which were previously tied for hottest.”

These are the names of the 29 storms and the day in 2020 they formed.

Storm Formed
Tropical Storm Arthur May 16
Tropical Storm Bertha May 27
Tropical Storm Cristobal June 2
Tropical Storm Dolly June 23
Tropical Storm Edouard July 5
Tropical Storm Fay July 9
Tropical Storm Gonzalo July 22
Hurricane Hanna July 23
Hurricane Isaias July 29
Tropical Storm Josephine August 13
Tropical Storm Kyle August 14
Hurricane Laura August 21
Hurricane Marco August 21
Tropical Storm Nana September 1
Tropical Storm Omar September 1
Hurricane Paulette September 7
Tropical Storm Rene September 7
Hurricane Sally September 12
Hurricane Teddy September 14
Tropical Storm Vicky September 14
Tropical Storm Wilfred September 18
Tropical Storm Alpha September 18
Tropical Storm Beta September 18
Tropical Storm Gamma October 2
Hurricane Delta October 5
Hurricane Epsilon October 19
Hurricane Zeta October 25
Hurricane Eta October 31
Tropical Storm Theta November 10