Gas Prices Advance Yet Another Day

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Gas prices seem to rise every day because they actually do.

The carefully watched AAA Fuel Gauge showed the price of a gallon of regular gas, on average, reached $3.889 yesterday, up from $3.881 the day before, and $3.579  a month ago. There are several reasons for the increase. One was posted by Reuters. Refinery and production outages will cause 1.2 million barrels a day to be cut from normal distribution in March. Add to this worries about the Strait of Homuz and a potential battle by the Iranians to block it over a dispute with the US and EU over sanctions.

The gas prices is worse in some states than others–particularly the most populous ones. The price of a gallon of regular, on average, in California was $4.341. In New York, the price was $4.043 yesterday, and $4.241 in Illinois.