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More Tainted Products From China, Drugs This Time

Douglas A. McIntyre

The Chinese are now poisoning their own population. With any luck, a new case of tainted drugs found in the big Asian country will not make it to the US. But, don’t count on it.

The Xinhua News Agency said that children being treated for leukemia were being given drugs that caused them weakness in their legs. One is methotrexate a medicine used to treating variety of cancers. The other is cytarabin hydrochloride, also a cancer treatment.

The drugs appear to have been mixed with vincristine sulfate which is used to treat AID related and brain cancers. But, its side effect include seizures, leg weakness, and, in some cases, death.

The US drug industry will probably be faced with an emerging crisis of confidence just as the toy industry has. One of these compounds only needs to find up here once.

Douglas A. McIntyre