Invitrogen’s Broader Stem Cell Monitor Kit (IVGN)

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Invitrogen Corp. (NASDAQ:IVGN) has announced the launch of a new kit that allows researchers to quickly and reliably monitor the state of human embryonic stem cells. The STEMPRO® EZChek™ Multiplex PCR Kit allows scientists to monitor stem cells with one reaction, using fewer sample cells than ever before. The STEMPRO® EZChek™ Kit allows for the analysis of four early differentiation markers using a small sample and a single-tube reaction. Without the kit, researchers need to carry out five separate reactions in five tubes, using many more cells.

Invitrogen is already the leader or one of the leaders with more than $300 million per quarter in revenues in supplying tools and reagents for stem cell research with more than 1,200 products in the related market.  This may be a much broader consolidated test solution, but with a portfolio that wide it may just be another day at the office.

The stock has not seen any noticeable trading pre-market.  Its market cap as of Friday’s $83.90 close was $3.89 Billion, and the 52-week range is $54.70 to $84.14.

Jon C. Ogg
October 8, 2007