Almost Family Raising Cash (AFAM)

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Almost Family Inc. (NASDAQ: AFAM) has filed a shelf registration that will allow the company to raise up to $150 million in securities sales.  The company filed to sell any combination of Common Stock, Series Preferred Stock, Warrants, and Debt Securities.

The company is a regionally focused provider of home health services,and its service locations are in Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Connecticut,Massachusetts, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.  The company’stwo segments are "Visiting Nurse" and "personal Care."

In addition to this amount, the company said that selling stockholdersnamed in the prospectus may from time to time sell up to 500,000shares.  The shareholders are those associated with the acquisitions ofQuality of Life Holdings, Inc. and Apex Home Healthcare Services, LLC.

No underwriters were named in this registration.  As far as how $150million compares to the company, its market cap is $387 million.Shares closed yesterday at $47.63 and its 52-week trading range is$16.60 to $51.68.

Jon C. Ogg
November 5, 2008