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Bing COVID-19 Tracker Report 5/10/2020 7:46 AM

U.S. Deaths Near 80,000

According to the Bing Covid-19 Tracker, global cases have reached 4,024,737. Active cases hit 2,369,570, up 32,361. Recovered cases moved 1,375,854, higher by 56,548. Deaths hit 279,313, up 4,658. At the current pace deaths worldwide will reach 300,000 in a matter of days…

Total confirmed cases in the U.S. hit 1,343,937 which is 34% of the world’s total. Active COVID-19 cases 1,062,94, up 8,170. Recovered cases hit 201,293,higher by 18,391. It is good news that recovered cases rose at twice the rate that active cases did.

Fatal cases in American hit 79,696, a jump of 1,496, and 28% of the world’s figure. The U.S. total will reach 80,000 today.

The Ten Hardest Hit States

New York remains the hardest-hit state by far, It has 333,122 confirmed cases and 21,271 deaths. Adjacent New Jersey ranks second with 137,085 confirmed cases and 9,116 deaths.

Massachusetts ranks third with 76,743 confirmed cases and 4,840 deaths. In fourth place, Illinois has 70,765 confirmed cases and 3,349 deaths.

California ranks fifth with 64,561 confirmed cases and 2,678 deaths. Pennsylvania ranks sixth with 55,316 confirmed cases and 3,688.

Michigan ranks seventh with 46,756 and 4,526 deaths. Only New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts rank ahead of Michigan in deaths. Most of these cases are in Wayne County, the home of Detroit.

Florida ranks eighth with 40,001, with 1,715 deaths. Texas ranks ninth with 37,860 and 1,049 deaths. And Connecticut ranks tenth with 32,984 confirmed cases and 2,932 deaths.

Ten Hardest Hit Nations

The U.S. has five times as many cases as the second country as measured by confirmed cases–Spain. The U.S. confirmed cases are 1,343,937, Deaths stand at 79,696, which is approximately four times Spain’s. Spain has 264,670 confirmed cases and 26,621 deaths

In third place, Italy has 218,268 confirmed cases and 30,395 deaths. In fourth place, the UK has 215,260 cases and 28,250 deaths.

Russia, in fifth place, has 209,688 confirmed cases and 1,915 deaths. Russia’s totals are widely considered low given the size of its population

Germany in sixth place has 171,324 cases and 7,549 deaths. Brazil is in seventh place with 156,061 confirmed cases and 10,656 deaths

France is in eighth place with 138,854 and 26,310 deaths. In ninth place, Turkey has 137,115 cases and 3,739 deaths.

Iran, in 10th place, has 106,220 cases and 6,589 deaths.