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Bing COVID-19 Tracker Report 5/15/2020 (6:27 AM): California Hit

According to the Bing COVID-19 Tracker, the number of global cases has reached 4,440,989. Active cases hit 2,550,833, which is 54,741 higher than yesterday and 57% of the total. Recovered cases rose by 39,233 to 1,587,780, while deaths hit 302,376, a gain of 5,179 and 6.8% of the world’s confirmed case total.

Total COVID-19 confirmed cases in the United States have hit 1,448,810, which is 33% of the world’s total. The number of active cases increased by 18,006 to 1,108,979, and recovered cases totaled 253,260, higher by 9,743. Active cases rose at a rate nearly twice that of recovered cases.

Fatal cases in America numbered 86,571, a gain of 1,808 in a day. They are 28% of the world’s total and 5.9% of confirmed U.S. cases.

California Gets Hit Harder

California has not posted large numbers of confirmed cases and deaths compared to its size, which is 39,512,223 residents, or 12% of the national population total. That has started to change recently. The state’s confirmed cases sit at 73,164, and active cases jumped to 70,132, an increase of 2,023. By contrast, New York, the hardest hit state by far, had an increase of 2,390, which indicates how rapidly infection levels in California are growing.

Deaths in California stand at 22,170, a rise of 157 in the past day.

The hardest hit county in California by far is Los Angeles County, which includes the City of Los Angeles and several smaller cities. Its number of confirmed cases is 35,329, which is 48% of the state’s total. Active cases in the county stand at 33,620, up 901. The number of fatal cases grew by 50 to 1,709.

New Jersey Continues to Surge

New Jersey, some of which is across the Hudson River from New York City, has an infection and death rate that continues to rise rapidly. The state has the highest number of confirmed cases after only New York. Confirmed cases currently sit at 142,704. The active case count has reached 132,758, a jump of 1,144, and fatal cases are at 9,946, higher by 244.

The New Jersey counties next to New York City have the lion’s share of confirmed cases. Hudson County has 17,134. Bergen County has 17,080, while Essex County has 15,824 and Passaic County has 14,887. The count in the four counties together is 46% of New Jersey’s total.

Russia’s Case Count Moves Into Third Place Worldwide

Russia’s rapidly growing case count has moved it ahead of the United Kingdom as the nation with the third most confirmed cases. At 262,843, it is now behind only Spain’s 272,646 and the United States at 1,448,810. At its current growth rate, Russia may move into second place.

Russia’s active cases have hit 202,199, up by 5,902. Recovered cases added 4,696 to reach 58,226. Deaths number 2,418, or 113 higher. Russia’s rate of fatal cases compared to confirmed cases is much lower than either Spain at 27,32, or Italy’s 31,368. It is impossible to tell whether the difference is due to more aggressive shelter at home policies, tracing of infected people or health care. Alternatively, Russia may not have posted actual fatal cases yet.