The 35 Most Expensive Homes in America Today

Every day, there are a number of homes for sale in the United States at prices above $100 million. And there are at least 25 for sale at prices over $75 million.

The huge majority of these luxury homes are for sale in and around New York, the nation’s largest city. Los Angeles and the areas around it are also well represented. Beyond these, most of the homes are in playgrounds of the rich, such as Aspen, East Hampton and Key Largo.

24/7 Wall St. provides a list of the 35 most expensive homes in America each day. The list is not likely to change rapidly, as the market for these homes is tiny. The listings come from Realtor.com.

35 Most Expensive Homes
Address City State Price Photo
594 S Mapleton Dr Los Angeles California $200,000,000
2000 S Ocean Blvd Manalapan Florida $195,000,000
Great Island Rd Darien Connecticut $175,000,000
Great Island Rd Darien Connecticut $175,000,000
100 and 90 Briar Patch Rd East Hampton New York $140,000,000
2611 107 N Kentucky Ave New Mexico New Mexico $129,900,000
2500 E Valley Rd Santa Barbara California $125,000,000
5 7 East 89th St New York New York $109,000,000
3 E 89th St New York New York $109,000,000
1083 Fifth Ave New York New York $109,000,000
10045 Calle Real Goleta California $108,000,000
834 Fifth Ave Units 7 & 8A New York New York $96,000,000
10 Cannon Pt Key Largo Florida $95,000,000
10 Cannon Pt Key Largo Florida $95,000,000
150 Woodland Rd Brookline Massachusetts $90,000,000
10250 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles California $88,000,000
630 Nimes Rd Los Angeles California $85,000,000
2727 Benedict Canyon Dr Beverly Hills California $85,000,000
7010 El Camino Del Norte Rancho Santa Fe California $85,000,000
635 W 42nd St Unit 45THFLOOR New York New York $85,000,000
26 Pond Rd Kings Point New York $85,000,000
432 Park Ave Apt 95 New York New York $82,000,000
125 Rooney Cir Aspen Colorado $80,000,000
300 Delfern Dr Los Angeles California $79,000,000
781 Fifth Ave Unit 18THFLOOR New York New York $78,000,000
Thimble Iss Branford Connecticut $78,000,000
172 Bliss Canyon Rd Bradbury California $78,000,000
10 West St Unit Penthouse New York New York $75,000,000
38 Mathews Rd Wainscott New York $75,000,000
50 E 69th St New York New York $72,000,000
795 Fifth Ave Apts 30 & 31 New York New York $70,000,000
1071 N Ocean Blvd Palm Beach Florida $69,900,000
21650 FM 1431 Lago Vista Texas $68,345,900
388 Long Canyon Rd Bradbury California $68,000,000
1485 S Ocean Blvd Palm Beach Florida $67,500,000