Cramer Talks Up Beaten Down Industrials (IR, SPW, EMR, GE)

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Jim Cramer came on CNBC today in his old STOP TRADING segment with a brief trade idea, and it is an industrial trade idea to boot.  He noted this morning that this was too much of a jump from Friday’s lows.  Cramer noted that the Fed took the Great Depression off the table.  The first stock Cramer noted was Ingersoll-Rand Company (NYSE: IR) which lowered estimates and the stock didn’t go down very much.

SPX Corp. (NYSE: SPW)  and Danaher Corporation (NYSE: DHR) were twoothers which Cramer was pondering whether these industrials that havebeen beaten down are representing "value" today.  He also noted Emerson(NYSE: EMR) was at $36.00.

He hinted that if you have a triple-AAA rating and are an industrial,which is likely a tease to hint at General Electric (NYSE: GE), thatyou can pick these industrial operations up on the cheap.

Jon C. Ogg
October 14, 2008