Apple (AAPL): Whining About The iPhone

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According to Business 2.0 some poor soul has decided to sue Apple (AAPL) because he feels that the company did not make it clear that the iPhone does not have a battery that can be replaced by the consumer. An easy to replace power-source would make it like every other handset in the world.

The complaint may not lead to any damages. It is not hard to see that the battery doesn’t snap off. But, it does add a bit to the list of reasons that iPhone may not be a spectacular near-terms success.

Low sales rates for the iPhone seemed to hurt AT&T’s (T) results. And, the iPhone does not work on the cell company’s faster 3G network. The phone is clearly more expensive than other handsets. And, now there is the battery problem. After about 400 charges, it is time to get a new one, and that will cost customers $79.

Apple will probably fix most of these issues in the next release of the phone, but, in the meantime, the combined problems are likely to hurt sales.

Douglas A. McIntyre