Target (TGT) Gets The Lead Out

The Sierra Club is chasing around Target (TGT) and some other US corporations for not reporting that some of the toys it has been selling have levels of lead that are two high. At least based on EPA standards. Laws currently on the books allow individuals and organizations to sue companies if the rules if the EPA does not get around to it.

Most of the toys with too much lead were made in China. Surprise, surprise.

Targeting Target is probably a waste of time. The company has already recalled 210,000 toys that have lead problems, and the big box retailer is not going to hurt its image with consumers and shareholders by selling products that can put kids in the hospital.

The Sierra Club misses the point by agitating for US companies to recall lead-tainted products. US companies have plenty of incentive to make sure that consumers are not hurt by items which they market. And, China is the perfect PR target if a product is defective.

The Sierra Club management needs to get on a plane to Beijing. Shutting down the supply chain will solve the problem much more efficiently.

Douglas A. McIntyre