Yahoo! (YHOO) Finance Missing NYSE Quotes

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Yahoo!’s (YHOO) live NYSE stock quotes are down this AM. Any Yahoo! paid subscriber to quotes cannot access any stocks traded on the big NY exchange.

A check with other online live quote services indicates that they are up and running.

In the big battle for eyeballs among the large financial websites, it is a good way to alienate Yahoo!’s best customers at a section of the portal that must be among their most profitable.

10:42 AM EST UPDATE: Yahoo!’s customer care department has responded to us this is a technical issue from servers and not from any policy changes.  If it can fix this in short order the online financial information portal will get through fine.  But if Yahoo! Finance can’t get it together for extended periods of time, well any independent supplier of financial data and information can tell you how loyal customers are when they cannot access anything special.

Douglas A. McIntyre