Sun Microsystems Keeps Scrambling For Revenue

Sun Microsystems (SUNW) has come up with another new way to make revenue. It sales were flat in the last quarter, and that does not seem likely to change in the next quarter or two.

SUNW has made an arrangement with IBM (IBM) to market its Solaris operating system along with Windows, Linux, and IBM’s own OS. The Wall Street Journal quotes one expert as saying “developers have already successfully run Solaris on IBM mainframes, which he said is appealing to many customers”

SUNW needs some success. Its shares have fallen from a 52-week high of $6.78 to $4.72, near the 52-week low.

Recently, SUNW said its would begin to market its new chips to rival server companies, but Wall St. is skeptical the competitors would help the company by buying its products.

SUNW also announced that it will market its StarOffice product with Google (GOOG).

But, the core server business at Sun has to start growing again. If it does not, all of these other project won’t make a difference.

Douglas A. McIntyre