Almost 100% IPO Gainer (ATHN)

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How long has it been that we saw a fairly small cap IPO more than double on the opening day?  Don’t count the greatest virtualization play out there, because last month it instantly became a large cap stock.

This morning’s IPO, athenahealth, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATHN), came public and shares have roughly doubled today.  The price range was $14.00 to $16.00, but the demand for the deal was a premium and it priced 6.286 million shares at $18.00.  With 10-minutes to the close this was up 90% at $35.60 on more than 8.7 million shares.

This may be the sort of thing the IPO markets have been waiting for, particularly as we have hardly had any real IPO’s over the last month or so.  Here was our brief preview.  After a little ‘lulu’ IPO maybe these companies with all lower case letters in the name are the big trend………

If you are interested in other upcoming IPO’s:
RiskMetrics Group filed for its IPO last night.
MAKO Surgical may be a good fix for the knees.
Turner Investments has filed as an asset manager.
EXCO’s XP is coming out as an oil and gas MLP, great dividend.
Pogo Jet is flying out on its way too, former AMR head runs it.

Jon C. Ogg
September 20, 2007