Memo To BigBand (BBND) Board: Fire The CEO

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TO: Lloyd Carney, Dean Gilbert , Ken Goldman, Gal Israely, Bruce Sachs, Robert Sachs, Geoff Yang

RE: Amir Bassan-Eskenazi, BigBand CEO

As members of the BigBand (BBND) board of directors, it would seem appropriate that you find a new CEO. None of your investors would have expected, especially after looking at your S-1, that the BigBand business would fall apart in a matter of months.

BigBand’s stock is now down from $21.63 to $6. The company was downgraded by several research firms. The board may have the opportunity to get things back on track, but the time is probably short. The chance of class action suits goes up each day.

Your stock chart is starting to look like Vonage’s (VG).

Douglas A. McIntyre