This Week on Stockhouse October 8 to 12

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How prosperous are you? How about our neighbours? In the latest edition of an ongoing series examining how statistics can change outcomes for the stock market, littleguy123 looked at core inflation statistic (

Liverless, meantime, referenced an article by Gary North in an examination of how the recent actions by the U.S. Federal Reserve may affect the recent credit crunch (

Chartist Roy Martens said that the U.S. dollar is going to continue to be mired in a slump, while precious metals ( ) like gold look positive.

Nwatson, for one, is thrilled about shorter days and colder nights ( ), because autumn has traditionally been the best time for markets.

Stacey Laliberte was also waxing nostalgic for the euphoria of the nuclear age. But wait: is nuclear power ( ) becoming friendly again?

Sean Mason debuted his U.S. small and microcap stock report this week, focusing on companies such as tiny biotech ( ) with a soaring share price.

This week Darin Diehl interviewed MarketWatch founder and former newsletter writer Thom Calandra in a wide ranging, two ( ) part ( ) discussion that touched on the latter’s resignation and SEC settlement as well as his current writings.

Pure molybdenum producers ( ) are few and far between. Institutional Research Partners spoke with Scott Broughton, CEO of Roca Mines, in their continued series of interviews with chief executives.

What are you going to do when the cheap oil runs out? Dan Sweeney had some suggestions ( ) for consumers and company managers.

And for those who are investing in gold as a hedge against uncertain times for equities and the economy, Luke Burgess wrote that China is becoming an important site of new gold discoveries (–Largest-Gold-Deposit-Ever-in-Shaanxi-Provin).

While there are some promising developments at Hollis Eden Pharmaceuticals, the Bio Check columnists, Leon Hamerling & J. Paul cautioned against too much enthusiasm, as the company’s results are very preliminary ( ).

Steven Saville charted the historic effect of Federal Reserve rate cuts on the U.S. dollar, and found that there’s no immediate and correlating decline ($), although there have often been precipitous declines.

What are you getting for your mutual fund fees? To determine whether you’re getting quality or not, the Financially Fit team outlined the origins of those fees. (–Mutual-Fund-Fees )

If a small maker of shoe scanning devices can clear the paperwork for approval with the Transportation Safety Administration at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, it could be a major boost for its revenue, said Leon Hamerling and J. Paul. (–Airport-Security-Scanning )