This week on Stockhouse May 12–16

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Economic data, oil prices cause volatile week for stocks

Wall Street closed higher Monday, as the U.S. dollar rose and oil prices fell. However, Monday’s gains were lost on Tuesday as, despite a better-than-expected retailers report, Wal-Mart reported a cautious outlook for 2008.  Wednesday’s consumer price report delivered good news, raising the Dow from Tuesday’s low. Weak reports on manufacturing and jobless claims didn’t keep Wall Street down on Thursday, as oil prices fell. The TSX started the week at a record high on news from EnCana and RIM, but by Tuesday had lost those gains on weak energy stocks, despite the soaring price of oil. Metals stocks pulled Bay Street down on Wednesday, but the TSX came back to hit a new high on Thursday, led by gains in financial and metals stocks. Wall Street was down Friday, but still closed with weekly gains, and the TSX jumped to the third record high of the week as gold rose and oil hit a new high.

On Monday… 

William Patalon III had a prediction for gasoline prices, and said that the Energy Department’s prediction shows that the “experts” got it wrong again.

Luke Brocki reported that stock prices have jumped in the junior uranium sector.

Colin Cieszynski wrote that mining, energy, and technology stocks have moved significantly on corporate and political developments.

In Monday’s Mid-day Minute, natural gas was overbought.

Darryl Robert Schoon said that the global financial markets are in extreme triage following the credit contraction of August 2007.

Investors Observer gave you portfolio management tips for a sideways market.

Jason Moschella returned to the SH front page to say that gold still has room to shine.

Kevin Cook wrote that some farmers aren’t happy, as grain prices and volatility rise.

Then on Tuesday…

Keith Fitz-Gerald explained how, by solving their country’s problems, China’s leaders are opening the door to profits.

Colin Cieszynski wrote about corrections and consolidations in equities and commodities.

The merger of Khan Resources and Western Prospector could create a major player in Mongolia, wrote Danny Deadlock.

In the Mid-day Minute, crude oil prices rose to new all-time highs.

Options trading would not be the same without early innovators, said Kevin Cook.

24/7 Wall Street reported on telecom gamble Charter Communications and the potential buyout of Circuit City.

On Wednesday…

Gold is low relative to copper, oil, and the U.S. stock market, according to Steven Saville.

Michael R. Mapa wrote that unfavorable investment policies hurt miners in Venezuela.

Fitzroy McLean, of Casey Research, told you how to safely play China’s growth.

Keith Fitzgerald, Investment Director at Money Morning, wrote about the new Asian reality.

In part one of three, Thom Calandra went on a gold mine tour in Columbia.

Dudley Pierce Baker finished a three-part series with How to “invest” with $100,000.

The 24/7 Wall Street News Desk reported on James River Coal, Citadel Broadcasting, Cell Genesys, Pacific Ethanol, and Peregrine Pharmaceuticals.

In Wednesday’s Mid-day Minute, the Q’s stair-stepped towards a key resistance.

Matthew B. Smith wrote that potash investments are narrowing after BHP’s acquisition of Anglo Potash.

On Thursday…

Martin Hutchinson contributed thoughts on Brazil markets, including stock picks: Is Brazil "investment grade" for investor’s money, too?

Returning contributor Diopside expressed his views on fundamentals of the diamond market in Diamond market strong despite external pressures.

In part two of his three-part series on gold mining in Columbia, Thom Calandra headed for the hills – El Marmato, to be exact – in search of Columbia’s lost riches.

Preet Banerjee tackled the world of options in this discussion of how to use Put options as portfolio insurance.

In the Stockhouse daily market report from CMC Markets, Colin Cieszynski delivered the latest news on Thursday’s trading action.

Reports from the desk of 24/7 Wall St. included looks at a stumbling newspaper publisher, a biotech company and an investor education website.

Finally, on Friday…

Nancy Zambell asked, where are your investment dollars better off these days, the real estate market or the stock market?

In the final piece of his three-article series, Thom Calandra looked at a Colombian mine story that is dependent on the country’s ability to arrange financing.

Martin Hutchinson reported on how to profit from a China and Japan trading alliance.

John Whitefoot wrote about the stock market game, and equates buying penny stocks to bargain shopping.

Equities reverse course while commodities climb in today’s market, said Colin Cieszynski.

In the Mid-day Minute, gold and the GDX were on the move.

David Galland of Casey Research asks, Gold, what gold?