Jim Cramer Interviews Hillary Clinton

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On CNBC’s MAD MONEY, Jim Cramer interviewed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on several economic issues.  Keep in mind this was a mere ten minute segment, so this was far from a full economic policy session with all the points.  These comments are all paraphrasing, so please understand any slight discrepancies on a word for word basis.  Below are the comments, and Cramer’s questions or statements are in bold.

Cramer said Hillary was well ahead of the curve in identifying the housing crisis.

  • Hillary said that many people were mislead into scam mortgages, and that regulators haven’t done enough.  She wants a 90-day moratorium on foreclosures and to freeze adjustable rate mortgages.  "We need bolder action, and we need it now."

Cramer talked about unleashing the FHA as far as those who cannot refinance the houses they live in.

  • Hillary said she advocated that and the FHA would have to raise limits.  Inflation is up and these uncharted waters are going to be hard to navigate.

Cramer asked about Washington playing a role in the mortgage problem. 

  • Hillary said this was entire unprecedented.  She noted many borrowers were mislead with over-enthusiastic appraisals and the scam went from top to bottom.

As far as NAFTA, Cramer noted that a NAFTA suspension would create a major economic shut-down.

  • Hillary said there is actually an opt-out in NAFTA, it’s been on the books for 14 years and it is time for a change to the rules.  She said she wants balanced growth.

Cramer then asked about inflation and "burning food" at the expense of food prices, part of his ag-flation theme. He said if we scrapped ethanol it would bring those prices down.

  • Hillary said it is a little more complicated, but rising corn and soybeans have contributed.  She said we are in a transition period that requires all forms of alternative energy and she then noted cellulosic, wind, solar, and new forms of energy for cars. She wants more hybrids and more plug-in cars.  She did NOT note anything about nuclear power plants, and Cramer didn’t go there even on a sidebar comment.
  • Here were some prior Cramer comments there on ag-flation: Last night Cramer said to put several of the ag-flation beneficiaries on your shopping list after these stock prices take a hit after this week;  he also featured another stock as a hidden value agriculture stock; here were his "wild bull market picks" in the sector last year if you’d like to compare.

Cramer asked "Are you going to eliminate the low taxes on dividends on stocks?"

  • Hillary said we might see some increase but nothing severe that would affect overall investing. But then she did note that people over $250K per year would revert back to the 1990’s level and it woulds help fund a universal health care.
  • It’s been a while, but here were Cramer’s boring yield stocks for retirement and here were Cramer’s Dogs of the Dow targets.

OK, now we know some of you love Cramer and some of you can’t stand him.  We also know many of you like Hillary and many are as far away from liking here as it can be.  These are a paraphrasing of their comments, and nothing more other than support data on the topics discussed.  We won’t be trying to influence your decision, nor will we make any apologies or excuses for any questions or statements that are "for or against" any public policies that investors and voters alike will use in making their decisions.

Jon C. Ogg
February 27, 2008