Cramer Says The Rally Has Just Begun (T, DSL, FED)

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On tonight’s MAD MONEY on CNBC, Jim Cramer said it isn’t too late to get in after the post-FOMC rally seen over the last two days.  He thinks this is like the 1990 cuts and the 1998 cut, and this is nothing compared to the market you will see ahead.  The 400 point gain is really not anything because it is going higher and you shouldn’t get scared out of the market.  Same as yesterday, he said don’t listen to the bears and nay-sayers.

Cramer doesn’t think a rate cut is going to bail out the homebuilders entirely, but he still wouldn’t short them now.  He likes the banks, but the theory and the moral hazard is great for many many stock.  If you want a review of Cramer’s fairly recent stock pick lists that he is still positive on many of the stocks, here are some of the stock lists and brief explanations:

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Cramer also gave several other stock picks in his second segment on MAD MONEY.  But he gave his key telecom pick being AT&T (NYSE:T) because of its higher dividend and growth ahead.  He thinks it is savvy and will grow cautiously and it trades at 12-times earnings with an upswing coming.  Being the sole iPhone distributor is only helping and he thinks wireless data revenue is going to be massive.  Cramer also interviewed the CFO, Richard "Rick" Lindner, who said wireless is hitting on all cylinders with margins actually growing.  The CFO also said video is now over 100,000 customers and they have over 1 million satellite.

Other picks that Cramer noted earlier today were Downey Financial Corp. (NYSE:DSL) and FirstFed Financial (NYSE:FED).

Jon C. Ogg
September 19, 2007