ViewSonic Kills IPO… Trouble in LCD Land? (VIEW)

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If you have been shopping for LCD monitors or LCD TV’s, you’ve probably run across ViewSonic as a brand.  The company had been in the IPO pipeline and was going to trade under the ticker "VIEW" on NASDAQ.  It had tapped JPMorgan and Banc of America as book-runners on the deal.

ViewSonic has now withdrawn its pending IPO, citing market conditions.  The stock market has been in turmoil of course, but anything tied to LCD’s has been hot and sales there have supposedly been holding up.  Maybe its better to be a supplier to these companies, particularly on the glass side, than it is to be in selling these in a very competitive environment.

Either way, a withdrawn IPO in the LCD markets might make you wonder about the overall market for these.

Jon C. Ogg
March 6, 2008