The 52-Week Low Club (AIG, GAIA, HANS, LORL, PLA, RCL, SCUR)

Today was a larger day on the wall of shame in the 52-week low club.  There were some new names and some old familiar names.

American International Group (NYSE: AIG) was down almost 2% at $38.20 late in the day.  Some funding deals in the billions just aren’t that well received.  This had managed to get just back above the low part of the range of $38.15 to $72.96.

Gaiam Inc. (NASDAQ: GAIA) was down 4% at $14.59 late in the day, which was slightly above the prior 52-week low; range of $14.49 to $30.73.  Not all green lifestyle media stocks are created equally; better get the spin-off soon.

Hansen Natural (NASDAQ: HANS) was down almost another 2% late in the day at $28.00, prior low was $28.20 and high was $68.40.

Loral Space (NASDAQ: LORL) was down over 9% at $19.90 late in the day, prior range was $20.04 to $51.56.  This isn’t regularly on the wall of shame, but the company posted a wider loss Monday.

Playboy (NYSE: PLA) better get the Heff’s doing something.  This one keeps getting worse and shares were at $5.58 late in the day; under the $5.84 to $12.00 range.  How much is that L.A. mansion worth?

Royal Caribbean (NYSE: RCL) was down 6% at $29.31 late in the day; prior range was $30.04 to $45.17.  So much for borrowing against the house to take a cruise.  At least the people can choose who they have dinner with now.

Secure Computing (NASDAQ: SCUR) was down 4% at $4.94 late in the day, not so secure it sounds like.  Prior range $5.05 to $10.54.

Jon C. Ogg
May 20, 2008