Stocks Which Doubled Market Performance (ATI, CMCSA, COH, FMCN, HPC, IPG, MICC, NEM, SNI, TIE, VMED)

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As you will see today’s gains of 10% and more on both the DJIA and the S&P 500 Index, we wanted to explore which stocks greatly outperformed the markets today.  We’d note that it is rather odd to see that technology stocks measured by the NASDAQ were actually lagging the overall market today.

DJIA              9,065.12 (+889.35; +10.88%)
S&P500        940.51 (+91.59; +10.79%)
NASDAQ       1,649.47 (+143.57; +9.53%)

Below is a list of the stocks which outperformed by roughly double over the major index gains of the DJIA, S&P 500, and NASDAQ 100.  These stocks posted gains of 20% or more on the day, and we’d note that this list would actually be much larger if we included the financial stocks and REIT Stocks which we backed out for obvious reasons:

STOCK & TICKER                                               CLOSE       CHANGE           Comment
ALLEGHENY TECH (NYSE: ATI)                        $23.36  +$4.78 (25.73%)   Metals
COMCAST CORP (NASDAQ: CMCSA)              $16.96  +$3.34 (24.52%)   Cable
COACH INC (NYSE: COH)                                  $19.38  +$3.29 (20.45%)    Apparel
FOCUS MEDIA HOLDING (NASDAQ: FMCN)  $14.98  +$2.77 (22.69%)    Advertising
HERCULES INC (NYSE: HPC)                          $16.98  +$3.62 (27.10%)    Chemicals
INTERPUBLIC GROUP (NYSE: IPG)                 $5.54   +$1.44 (35.12%)    Advertising
MILLICOM INTL CELL (NASDAQ: MICC)          $32.23  +$5.72 (21.58%)    Int’l Wireless
NEWMONT MINING (NYSE: NEM)                     $26.47  +$4.93 (22.89%)    Metals (Gold)
SCRIPPS NETWORKS (NYSE: SNI)                 $26.16  +$4.75 (22.19%)    Media
TITANIUM METALS CORP (NYSE: TIE)             $8.14   +$1.42 (21.13%)    Metals
VIRGIN MEDIA INC (NASDAQ: VMED)               $5.25   +$1.26 (31.58%)    UK Cable/Telecom

Jon C. Ogg
October 28, 2008