24/7 Wall St. Hooks Up With Twitter

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Two weeks ago we announced that we were going to start using Twitter to communicate with our readers. As of today, we are happy to say that our efforts have been warmly received by both our readers and the Twitter community. If you haven’t already, check out what all the fuss is about here: twitter.com/247wallstIf you haven’t heard about our efforts or want to learn more about why Twitter makes sense for you as a 24/7 reader, please read the following announcement and watch the brief (and amusing) video about how Twitter works.

24/7 Wall St. Announces Integration of New Twitter FeatureAs many of our readers know, 24/7 Wall St. writes copy for a number of sites including our own sites and those of our partners. Our own sites include 24/7 Wall St., Voume Spike Investor, and BioHealthInvestor. Some of our partner sites include AOL Money & Finance, Marketwatch, MSN, Stockhouse, BloggingStocks, and Huffington Post.As a result of the somewhat fractured nature of our editorial process, we frequently don’t have the opportunity to share all of our stories with the regular readers of 24/7 Wall St. We aim to change that.24/7 Wall St. is going to try something new. We have created a Twitter page. In the site’s own words, Twitter is a way to “communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent, answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” Using Twitter, we will be able to let our readers in on what we are working on as well as what we’ve just finished.In short, Twitter will enable us to accomplish four simple goals:1) aggregate stories that might not make it onto 24/7 Wall St.’s homepage2) highlight stories on 24/7 Wall St. or other sites that we think are noteworthy3) engage in some old-fashioned rumormongering4) encourage a real-time exchange with our readers and find out what they think about the marketsIf you’re interested in any of these, follow us at twitter.com/247wallst.com and look for our new “Twitter Updates” feature on the right side of the page.Thanks to commoncraft and Lee Le Fever for putting the video together.24/7 Wall St.