Coal for Christmas: Stocks on 52-Week Lows (APL, KDE, HNSN, IPCM, LUFK, SYNA, THO, TRAC, RIG)

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It almost never matter what the markets do anymore.  Some stocks just can’t get it right.  Most of these lows that we chose to outline did not even have real news out themselves today.  We decided to include the closing bell levels.

  • DJIA          8,468.48 (+48.99; +0.58%)
  • NASDAQ   1,524.90 (+3.36; +0.22%)
  • S&P500     868.15 (+4.99; +0.58%)

Here are some of today’s 52-week low stocks and brief comments:

STOCK (TICKER)                                    Low      Prev.Low
Atlas Pipeline Partners (APL)                   $5.00     $5.39

  • Just do not look at the dividend, it is not one you can trust.

4 Kids Entertain. (KDE)                            $1.97      $2.01

  • At least it is close to book, or before you start factoring for losses and settlements.

Hansen Medical, Inc. (HNSN)                   $6.16       $6.20

  • So much for protection in medical devices, so much for "the next ISRG" as a stock.

IPC The Hospitalist Company, (IPCM)       $13.46   $13.50

  • This was formerly one of the few post-IPO’s which was doinggreat. Physician practices are not immune to recessions, and futureoperations may not be as protected or profitable as in prior years witha new administration.

Lufkin Industries, Inc. (LUFK)                    $32.00   $32.02

  • Oil field pump units and highway trailers deep in the heart of Texas, with those two downstream sectors in the tank.

Synaptics Incorporated (SYNA)                  $14.43   $14.69

  • Buying fewer cellphones means less need for toughscreen phone technology.

Thor Industries (THO)                                $12.09     $12.32

  • RV’ing stinks as a business in a recession, even if gas is finally affordable again.

Track Data Corporation (TRAC)                  $0.82    $0.85

  • Great investment and news tools, but crummy market has more and more players hanging up their hats.

Transocean (RIG)                                      $41.95   $43.25

  • Low oil prices, offshore drilling too expensive for new projects to be started now; shares down roughly 75%.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the 24/7 Wall St. team!!!!