Big Company Bankruptcy Candidates (ZLC)(BGP)(WAVE)(ARM)

Which US companies of significant size have among the highest odds of declaring bankruptcy? According to recent data from Audit Integrity, four firms are in extraordinary financial trouble. These corporations each has a high Audit Integrity Accounting and Governance Risk (AGR). The risk numbers are created by an analysis in which Audit Integrity examines over 100 accounting and governance metrics from a company’s publicly filed information.

Based on balance sheet data as of September 30, 2009 and market data as of January 31, the troubled companies selected from the data bas by 24/7 Wall St. are:

Zale (ZLC): bankruptcy probability–22.10%

ArvinMeritor (ARM):   bankruptcy probability–13.24%

Borders Group (BGP):   bankruptcy probability–11.91%

Nextwave Wireless (WAVE):   bankruptcy probability–11.49%

Douglas A. McIntyre