Pabrai's Newest Stocks (ATSG, BRK-B, BPO, GS, HNR, ZINC, IBKR, ICO, LUK, PNCL, POT, TCK, TEX, WFC)

Mohnish Pabrai is often thought of as a Warren Buffett-like investor when it comes to some investment philosophies.  The fact that he has won the bidding for lunch with Warren Buffett has helped to add in that state of mind by the public.  But Pabrai is also a value investor in much of his efforts and investors in the past have looked at his holdings when doing research.  Today came his holdings on the as-of date of March 31, 2010 in a 13F filing as of worth a total of $332.8 million.
Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATSG) 5,380,962 shares worth $18.02 million.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK-B) 319,851 shares worth almost $26 million.

Brookfield Properties Corporation (NYSE: BPO) 2,359,166 shares worth $36.2 million.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS) 110,864 shares worth some $18.9 million.

Harvest Natural Resources Inc. (NYSE: HNR) 4,771,814 shares worth about $35.9 million.

Horsehead Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: ZINC) 1,358,498 shares worth $16 million.

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: IBKR) 94,104 shares worth $1.5 million.

International Coal Group, Inc. (NYSE: ICO) 2,512,570 shares worth almost $11.5 million.

Leucadia National Corp. (NYSE: LUK) 791,074 shares worth $19.6 million.

Pinnacle Airlines Corp. (NASDAQ: PNCL) 2,002,902 shares worth $14.9 million.

Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan (NYSE: POT) 331,603 shares worth $39.5 million.

Teck Resources Ltd. (NYSE: TCK) 5,501 shares worth $245K…

Terex Corp. NYSE: TEX) 530,876 shares worth $12 million.

Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE: WFC) 374,415 shares worth $11.6 million.

Other holdings are as follows:

  • Capital Source Inc.  (?)
  • Cresud S A  (CRESY)